Saturday, September 6, 2008

[Image] The Water Rat of Tobruk

25th September, 1941. Tobruk, Libya.

Gelignite fishing in the harbour.

This soldier of the 9th Division, identified only as Bill Woodhouse of Wynnum, Queensland, is fed up with the constant rations of bully beef and biscuits and looks to supplement his and his mates rations with a few fish fresh from the Mediterranean caught by throwing sticks of Gelignite into the harbour. The ensuing explosion causing a shock wave in the water that kills the fish allowing them to rise to the surface to be collected by the hungry Diggers.

The fish provided the men with much needed variety of fresh protein that the army rations lacked. It was also a much needed stress relief to have a swim in the ocean.

images 020635 and 020636 Australian War Memorial.

Catch of the day, Tobruk style.

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