Saturday, August 2, 2008

[Image] The Gateway to Fortress Tobruk

El-Adem Road Gateway, Red Line,

Tobruk, April, 1941.

The gateway to the heart of Tobruk and it's inner defenses and harbour lay through the southern approaching El-Adem Road. It is at this point that Rommel first probed the defenses of the Garrison in the Easter Battle of 1941.

This heavily fortified and defended position is guarded by Pvt. Earl of the 2/13th Battalion. I have not been able to identify this digger any further at this stage. He sits astride a concrete pillar with his Lee-Enfield .303 with fixed bayonet. Being on the line he is also wearing his Tin Hat.

The gateway was surrounded by an anti-tank ditch and huge amount of barbed wire. The steel poles set into the concrete could be slid back to allow access for approved vehicles. Interestingly, when Rommel's tanks did first attack Tobruk in this area they chose not to breech the line at this point. That was one of their only wise decisions that weekend.

image 007499 Australian War Memorial.

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Quite possibly this man:


Service Number NX129238 (N109516)

2/13 Field Company